Who are we ?


Armistol is a well known and highly reputed brand for its products for cleaning shotguns, rifles and handguns, the care of modern and classic firearms and bronzing. It owes this reputation to its ingenious founder.

The story begins in 1916. Gaston Colas, a wildfowler and snipe hunter in the Baie des Veys in Normandy was tired of finding his shotgun damaged by salt water spray. Ith the help of a chemist friend, he devised and created two protective products: Armistol oil for inside the barrels and Armoline grease for the outside.

Three generations later, the company Armistol-Sapo, which also offers large and small bells, has a complete range of very effective products.

Special firearm oils

Oil is essential, and must be of impeccable quality. Armistol offers oils for the care and cleaning of firearms, and special oils for wooden stocks. These oils are available in sprays, aerosols, oilcans, bottles or jerry cans.


As an essential product for the care of firearms, greases play a major role in giving them a long life. Armistol offers a wide range of greases: synthetic grease, Vaseline, thick, light, pink Paintball grease, grease for chokes, Helios grease, Armoline St Hubert etc.

Products for cleaning firearms.

For cleaning shotguns, rifles or handguns etc. Whatever firearm is to be cleaned, Armistol has a full range of very high quality products. The Armistol range includes oils for firearms, greases, degreasing agents, bore cleaners etc.

Products for the care of firearms: the wooden parts. Armistol offers very effective oil and wax for wooden stocks, French polish and logwood extract for staining.

Products for the care of firearms: the optical devices

Anti misting kit for optical devices and telescopic sights, shooting glasses, red dot sights, binoculars, helmet visors etc. Armistol also has a very effective range of products for the care of optical devices.

Products for the care of clothing

Waxed fabrics, Gore-Tex, leather etc. Your hunting clothes have a hard life. From cleaning to everyday care, Armistol has a full a range of products: greases, oils, waterproofing products, insect-proofing.

Technical products for bronzing firearms.

Armistol also offers very high quality products for cold bronzing firearms, layered bronzing and of course for the finishing layer etc.

From the barrel to the metal parts, Armistol has a full range of bronzing products for the right look: deep black, gloss black, jet black, grey-black and russet.

Armistol, the grease specialist: from cleaning firearms to clothing care.

Whether you want to clean firearms, care for firearms or care for a fishing reel etc. grease is an essential product for precision mechanisms. As the company’s flagship product, Armoline grease has not changed. It still can be found in the same little maroon tin designed by an animal artist in the early twentieth century. It shows a waterfowl hunter in a marsh, with two retrievers under a tree where a mallard is lying. The way this grease is made has never been changed. But to meet the changing needs of those who want the best way to clean their shotguns or care for their handguns, the ingredients have changed. Vaseline is still mineral-based and its chemical additives give it rust-proofing, anti-corrosion and antioxidant properties. This product, ideal for the care of firearms and cleaning firearms, continues to have many imitators . Today, Armoline grease isn’t only for the hunters who want to clean a firearm, clean a rifle or clean a shotgun. It also attracts tin collectors.

Armistol oil, the benchmark in the care of firearms and cleaning firearms.

Oil for firearms is Armistol’s other linchpin. Armistol oil is now available in oilcans, aerosols or plastic containers. It is still just as good a lubricant and is excellent for dissolving cartridge powder residues. This advantage is appreciated by hunters for the care of firearms or cleaning shotguns, handguns or rifles. For cleaning shotguns, people who like to use black powder firearms to hunt partridge and hares with replicas of their grandfathers’ pump rifles will find Solvit the better option.

Hunters who own handmade flintlocks will be delighted to learn that Hélios vaseline oil, that has been sold since 1925 in a 120 ml oilcan, is now available in an aerosol – environmentally correct, with or without gas! This oil is still as pure, neutral, fluid and white, and is the natural complement to Armoline grease. It is perfect for cleaning firearms and essential for their care.