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Armistol Oil

ARMISTOL OIL Serving hunters and sporting shooters since 1916. High quality oil provides perfect care for moderns and ancient guns. Its agents provide very high repellent and protective performances. Excellent protective fluid lubricating, anti-friction and anti-wear. Protects the inside and …
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Armistol wax polish for firearms

Armistol wax polish for firearms Wax polish for the care of the wooden parts of weapons and for the care of articles made from natural leather. Articles such as holsters and cartridge pouches. It gives long lasting shine which helps …
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Armistol solvent for lead deposits

Armistol solvent for lead deposits Specially elaborated to dissolve traces of lead, copper and plastic deposits in the barrel. It dissolves and neutralises the combustion residue (black powder). Doesn’t leave any residue, very effective formula, the barrel recovers its original …
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Armistol is known and recognized for its products dedicated to the cleaning of guns, rifles and pistols, the maintenance of modern and old weapons and their tanning.
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«so I recommend the products that horse-riders use (Sapo and neat’s-foot oil), they’ve been tested and approved for ages for preserving and renovating leather. The other makes sell the same but they’re more expensive and less concentrated. I advise you to try Sapo some day and you’ll see the finish is incomparable for flexibility and it’s also very durable!»

Statement by Bolzano,

«Armistol products are very good, I’ve been using them for nigh on 20 years.»

Statement by Phil78 on Chasse Forumactif

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