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Discover a complete range of products for maintaining and cleaning competition and hunting guns and products for maintaining hunting clothes.

Why offer Armistol products to your clients?

It is essential for you, as it is for us, to win the confidence of your clients as well as meeting their needs. For decades, Armistol products have proved their worth and won over a loyal customer base. Meeting customers’ demands by offering high-quality products at an attractive price is one of Armistol’s commitments.

Armistol offers a complete range of products for all your customers’ demands

Your customers need a product to maintain and clean their hunting or competition guns. They may want to bronze a weapon (a rifle, pistol, shotgun etc…). Armistol provides gun oil and grease and also varnishes and oils for wood as well as products for leather and fabric.

Armistol solutions meet the demands of almost every customer

For maintaining shotguns, rifles or pistols, Armistol puts all its skill into products of quality. Since 1916, Armistol has been developing products specially suited to firearm maintenance for manual and automatic weapons.

Armistol and country sports

Armistol proposes products designed for hunting and maintaining hunting gear. If you have amateur and professional hunters among your clientele, Armistol is the brand for you. That is because we offer products designed for the care and cleaning of hunting guns, shotgun cleaning kits, products for caring for leather and outdoor clothing, attractants for wild boar and bells for hunting dogs.

Armistol also tackles waterproofing problems

Do your clients need to waterproof their fabrics, clothes or leather? Armistol offers a range of leather and fabric waterproofing agents. These products come in a range of different sizes and solutions for your use.

Armistol is more than a trademark, it is excellence in the service of your arms.