Advices - Renovation of firearms, wood and clothing

Firearm bronzing and renovating firearms, wood and clothing

What does the kind of renovation known as firearm bronzing mean especially bronzing barrels?

Firearm bronzing is essential for all hunting firearms, to give a good patina to collection items or to repair local damage or alterations.

Firearms must be cleaned before firearm bronzing begins. To be certain that the bronzing is successful , surfaces must be degreased whether you are using hot or cold bronzing. To be really effective, use Armistol degreasing agent.

The choice of products is fundamental. Armistol offers a range to meet all your needs. For example for firearm bronzing in general and bronzing barrels in particular: fast magnetic Superbronzing. This product ideal for both cold and layered firearm bronzing, and brings pack the original appearance of your barrels and metal parts. Using Finibronze as the final coat gives a deeper black. If you want a russet colour for your barrels, the Bronzage Damas is ideal for bronzing your Damascus steel firearms.

When you have finished bronzing, you should consider coating the barrels with wax to polish them. Encausticarm is without doubt one of the best products for this task.

The renovation of wood

Renovation is not limited to firearm bronzing. Wood also requires special care. Don’t forget to start by cleaning the firearms. To give shades ranging from reddish-purple to black, logwood extract is ideal. French polish protects your wood by retaining its natural brightness. To give the finishing touches to bronzing your firearms, you can, if you wish, use Armistol Encausticarm on the wooden parts.

The renovation of clothing

In the same way as renovating firearms, renovating your clothing and accessories, whether they are leather, nubuck, Gore-Tex, waxed or rubber, requires high quality products. You should start by thorough cleaning your clothing. If you have impregnated leather, you should choose Armistol waterproofing restorer for impregnated leather and Nubuck. Leather will regain its original shine and colours will be brightened. One of the main advantages of using Armistol waterproofing products is that they make your belongings look like new.

If waxed clothing has become too dry or the coating has been accidentally damaged, it can be effectively treated with special waxed clothing waterproofing products. Armistol 2 in 1 waterproofing for fabrics and leather is ideal for breathable membrane clothing. Your boots and gaiters will shine like new with Armistol special products for the care of rubber and synthetic boots.

Cleaning firearms, care of firearms, cleaning and care of clothing, renovation etc. Never forget that your safety and comfort depend on following these rules.