Advices - Cleaning firearms and accessories

Cleaning firearms

Our advice for cleaning firearms in general and cleaning a shotgun in particular: don’t do it the same day but leave it until the day after. Why ? Combustion gases are very heavy and take time to dissipate. Cleaning the shotgun or the firearm the day following its use will be more effective.
Note, if firearms are cleaned while it is raining or the air is damp, it is important to start by allowing them to dry. Never put them close to a source of heat such as a radiator or fireplace. Drying will be too fast and wood that has been swollen by water could split.
So don’t forget: before cleaning firearms, dry them with a cotton rag. Leave them to drain with the barrel pointing downwards.

The barrel

To start cleaning firearms, spray the inside of each barrel with a little Armistol oil. If cleaning your firearms is difficult because the barrels are very dirty, use Armistol bore cleaner to remove residues of powder, lead, copper and plastic. Then pass a plastic swab several times through each barrel close to the connecting cones. Press down well on the chokes at the end of the barrel. Repeat until you are completely satisfied. Then pour a few drops of Armistol oil into the barrels and rub with a woollen swab. A fine regular coating must be visible in the tubes. Cleaning firearms must never be neglected and must be done very regularly.

Starting cleaning firearms by rubbing with a cotton rag. Remove any dirt around the sighting strip. Spread a fine layer of Armoline grease to protect the bronzing on your firearms. Use Hélios vaseline grease to grease the locking hooks and extractor/ejectors. After you get to this stage don’t touch barrels again. Remember that sweat from your hands is acid and will attack metal. Ideally, use a rag soaked in Armistol oil.
Using a blow gun, brush or small paint brush, dust the inside of the lock. Make sure when cleaning your firearm, that you entirely remove the residues of combustion and other particles from the metal. Then spray with Armistol light oil, spread it with a small paint brush on to the hinge pin and on the locking latch. Firearms must be cleaned as often as necessary.

Cleaning your firearms also includes carefully cleaning the breech block.
Start by removing any residues that prevent the firearm closing properly, using Armistol degreasing agent. Then grease the pump catch on the forestock with Helios grease. When you have finished cleaning your firearms, reassemble them without allowing your skin to touch them directly. Use a rag soaked in grease or Armistol oil.

The stock

When cleaning a firearm, it is important not to neglect the stock.
Encausticarm, Armistol oil for wooden stocks available in bottles or as wipes, Armistol wax aerosol etc. nourish, protect, smooth and help to bring out the grain.

Cleaning optical devices

Cleaning firearms ensures their safety, but cleaning the optical devices is no less important. To give you perfectly clear vision, Armistol offers optical devices and telescopic sight care that will remove all finger marks and dust.

Cleaning clothing and accessories

You make a point of never neglecting to clean your shotgun or any other firearm ? Do the same with your clothing and accessories. Leather can be cleaned with Sapo glycerine soap for leather, available in bars or as a spray.
Everyday cleaning of waxed clothing should only be done with a sponge soaked generously in cold water.

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