Advices - Care of firearms, shotgun, rifle & handgun

Care of firearms

The care of firearms is not just a question of aesthetics, it is also about your safety. It also shows respect for your firearm. Never forget that cleaning firearms after use is essential and caring for them will protect them as time passes.

Tools and products needed for the care of firearms:

  • Cleaning rod, brass brush, plastic swab, woollen swab.
  • Product for the wooden stock: Encausticarm, Armistol oil for wooden stocks in bottles or as wipes, aerosol wax, French polish etc. All these Armistol products nourish, protect, smooth and show up the grain.
  • Armoline St-Hubert grease: protection against oxidising and damp. Ideal for when the firearms are stored away.
  • Armistol oil for firearms
  • Armistol cleaning kit, essential for the care of firearms.

Cleaning firearms, the care of firearms (handguns, shotguns, pellet guns and paint-ball guns) requires care. Each product must be chosen wisely.

Armistol oil, to care perfectly for firearms.

Armistol oil and Hélios oil are the outstanding firearms oils. They give slight and reversible protection against corrosion while helping the operation of the mechanisms. You must be careful to use the correct amount of oil when caring for your firearms. A firearm must never leak oil. When caring for firearms, you should always bear in mind that using too much firearms oil does not give better protection. It may even cause damage. The solution is to spray the inside, then clean and run a rag through it. Then spray the inside and all the parts of the mechanism again.

Armoline grease, a crucial step in caring for firearms.

Greasing is essential after cleaning firearms that are to be stored for a long time. Armoline St-Hubert is the perfect choice for the care of firearms. It gives ideal protection against oxidising and the dampness. Note, a grease may dry out and solidify in very cold weather. This could block the firing pin and make you miss a shot. This should be taken into consideration when caring for firearms. Armistol advises you to use vaseline grease for the mechanism which will protect it against damp.

Note: our advice for caring properly for your firearms: dry them thoroughly before greasing or oiling. If dampness remains under the grease or mixes with the oil, rusting is inevitable.

If you want to care properly for your firearms , you must follow certain rules:

  • Regular inspection: once a month. Use a rag soaked in Armoline grease or Armistol oil. Quickly wipe the outside of the barrels and the locks. Dismantle your firearms and examine them.
  • Choose a place to store them with care. This is even more important if you are intending to store them for a long time. You should take especial care over cleaning and maintenance. Never store firearms in their transport bags. Store your shotguns and rifles with the barrels pointing downwards on a clean rag which will protect the openings.

Care should have been taken when cleaning the firearms. Separate the wooden parts from the clean and dry metal parts. Dismantle the gun as far as possible. Apply Armoline St-Hubert grease to completely cover the metal. Oil the inside of the barrels with Armistol special firearms oil. Fill the gaps with grease, then wrap the separate parts in newspaper and heavy-duty plastic bags.

Caring for your firearms also includes caring for the wooden parts. Treat them with Encausticarm. This traditional special wax for firearms nourishes the wood and treats it against parasites. Ensure the wood has been separated from the metal parts. Don’t forget that regular inspection is an essential first step in the care of your firearms, whether they are handguns, shotguns or rifles.

A hunter who knows how to care for firearms must also know how to care for clothing, boots, cases and bags.

In general, hunters make caring for their firearms one of their priorities, but unfortunately, some tend to neglect their accessories.

Armistol is at the forefront of caring for firearms, but it also knows about caring for hunting clothes.

There is an Armistol product for all materials: traditional grease and neat’s-foot type oil for leather, waterproofing restorers for impregnated leather and nubucks, grease and oil waterproofing products for waxed clothing, 2 in 1 waterproofing products for Gore-Tex, breathable membrane and treated fabric clothing, insect-proofing lotion for clothing and care product for rubber boots.

The care of firearms also includes the care of optical devices.

There is no point in cleaning a shotgun or caring for a firearm if you neglect the optical devices. Armistol offers an anti misting kit for: optical devices, telescopic sights, red dot sights, spectacle and binocular lenses.